Dear oh fucking dear, what is happening? The shit show that is the Grammys is to one side; let’s just comprehend the fact that a pop artist has somehow managed to be nominated for best “Rock Performance”. What the in the skull fuckery is going on with the Grammys that has allowed such an insult to all Rock ‘N’ Roll bands ever, happen.

It must be granted, that yes, Beyoncé is a decent pop artist. In fact, she’s beyond decent. She’s incredible. But she’s not Rock ‘n’ Roll. Nor will she ever be. No amount of featuring artists will allow this to happen. The fact that “Queen Bee” has allowed herself to be put forward for the nomination alone is bizarre.

When Lemonade was released, the reaction was pretty cool. There were rumours regarding what it was actually about. Better yet, the album itself spoke a lot to, and about, The Black Lives Matter protest, and that was cool. Beyoncé used her POP (popular) music to bring something to the bigger picture.

However, Beyoncé getting nominated for this category, but being rejected from the country category says something about her intentions. It raises the question, was Lemonade made, just to ensure she could clear up at all manner of awards ceremonies? I fucking hope not. Because then Lemonade becomes one more piece of disingenuous music.

In terms of Beyoncé’s ability to be credited as a “rock star”, or at least be given an award that suggests she once performed better in the rock genre than anyone else, period, is plain bollocks. I’ve had Go Ahead bars that ooze more Rock ‘n’ Roll in their mixed berry biscuits than Beyoncé oozes in her music.

2016 has been a complete crock of shit for all manner of reasons, namely every iconic musician, and every meaningful person in the world of music sadly passing away. If for whatever reason she surpasses the late, great, David Bowie, as Coldplay did at the BBC Music Awards, then the point is surely loss. How could this have happened?

Here are the nominations for the category:

‘Joe’ (Live From Austin City Limits) – Alabama Shakes
‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ – Beyoncé feat. Jack White
‘Blackstar’ – David Bowie
‘The Sound Of Silence (Live On Conan)’ – Disturbed
‘Heathens’ – Twenty One Pilots

Expletives: Sam Meaghan