Despite not pushing the boundaries of sonic capacity, “Home” provides a nostalgic throwback to better times. Sunshine guitars open the latest offering from the Liverpool based four piece, and immediately conjure images of bittersweet summer evenings in the park with your nearest and dearest. At just under three and half minutes long, SPINN hit the sweet spot between guilty pleasure and genuine guitar-pop anthem.

The trio of classic ‘indie’ vocal fills, chilled lyrics, and a constantly thudding bassline merge into sugar-sweet dreaminess. But it is the carefree nonchalance with which it is played that sets a clear boundary between SPINN, and the countless soulless jangly indie bands across the UK, furiously masturbating onto their copies of Two Door Cinema Club records.

Not every piece of music will change the world, and (sorry SPINN) “Home” will not. However, it is an excellent release, meriting a listen or five. A sign of big things to come.

Check it out below:

Words: Dan Pare